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Balanced Scorecard

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What is the Balanced Scorecard?

The Balanced Scorecard is the final crucial piece of our plan – alongside our Purpose, Values and Behaviours – to embed the right culture in our business and become the ‘Go-To’ bank.

The Balanced Scorecard defines what we need to achieve over the next five years to be well on the way to becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank. It clearly shows what success looks like across the 5Cs:

Customer & Client
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Purpose and Values

Barclays has undertaken a fundamental review of how our business operates. We have looked at the bank in terms of business performance and in terms of culture because we know that only a business driven by strong values can deliver strong, sustainable returns.

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  • Balanced Scorecard Outcome statements

    We balance our stakeholders' needs across the short and long term

    Our activities drive mutually reinforcing outcomes across stakeholders 

    Customer & Client

    We are 'Go-To' for our customers and clients


    Our colleagues are fully engaged

    We create a diverse and inclusive environment where colleagues can fulfil their potential


    We positively impact the communities in which we operate


    Our products and services are designed and distributed to meet clients' needs

    We act with integrity in everything we do


    We create sustainable returns above the cost of equity

    We understand and effectively manage our risks, and continuously improve control
  • We have agreed eight key measures against which we and our stakeholders can hold us accountable. We have committed to monitoring and reporting on our progress annually. 


      Metric Actual 2013 Target 2018
    Customer & Client
    Retail and Business Banking, Barclaycard and Wealth and Investment Management: Weighted average ranking of Relationship Net Promoter Score® vs. peer sets 4th 1st
    Corporate and Investment Banking Client Franchise Rank: Weighted average ranking of wallet share or customer satisfaction with priority clients 4th Top 3
    Sustained engagement of colleagues score 74% 87-91%
    Percentage of women in senior leadership 21% 26%
    Citizenship Plan - number of initiatives on track or ahead  10/11 Plan Targets
    Conduct Reputation (YouGov survey) 5.2/10 6.5/10
    Return on Equity (Adjusted) 4.5% > Cost of Equity
    Fully Loaded CRD IV CET1 ratio 9.3% > 10.5% 

    Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. For further information, see:

    Balanced Scorecard Methodology and Data Sources (PDF, 60KB)Balanced Scorecard Methodology and Data Sources (PDF, 60KB) (new window)
  • Here are some examples of strategic initiatives that will drive progress across the 5Cs and support our goal to become the ‘Go-To’ bank.

    Customer & Client

    • We are using technology to improve our customers’ and clients’ experience and to be responsive to their changing needs, such as through Barclays Mobile Banking, BARX, PayTag and Barclays.Net
    • We are making our most important customer and client interactions as simple and instant as possible – putting power in their hands to transact when, where and how they want to
    • We are simplifying our products and services and improving what we offer to match customer needs with the right service model.


    • We have launched our Purpose and Values, and are embedding them into all our HR processes including recruitment, promotion and performance management
    • We are developing and training leaders through the Barclays Leadership Academy and Barclays Global Curriculum
    • We are driving a consistent global diversity and inclusion plan resulting in a more visibly diverse talent pipeline


    • We are ensuring the way we do business reflects broader societal and environmental considerations
    • We are contributing to growth through financing, supporting businesses and ensuring our products and services support sustainable progress
    • We are supporting the communities where we operate by helping five million young people to develop enterprise, employability and financial skills. 

    More about our 2015 Citizenship Plan (PDF 192KB, new window)

    More about Citizenship at Barclays


    • We are following a rigorous and transparent framework on conduct risk reporting and management
    • We are using material conduct risk assessments to effectively identify, assess and manage conduct risk
    • We are exercising sound judgements to avoid detriment to customers, clients and counterparties or to market integrity


    • We are delivering the initiatives across the strategic quadrants: Invest and grow, Reposition, Transition, and Exit
    • We are managing costs (rightsizing, industrialising, innovating) and delivering our leverage and capital commitments
    • We are improving our controls through the roll-out of ‘The Barclays Guide’, which covers how we organise, manage and govern ourselves and includes a new risk management framework 
  • The Balanced Scorecard is cascaded throughout Barclays.

    The Balanced Scorecard sets out eight specific commitments across our 5Cs (Customers & Clients, Colleague, Citizenship, Conduct and Company) against which people can monitor how we are doing. We will report our progress annually.

    The Balanced Scorecard gives clear strategic context for our colleagues around what becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank will look like and lays out Barclays’ priorities. The Balanced Scorecard is cascaded into business unit and function scorecards. Together, these provide line of sight to employees to our organisational goal. They also provide a framework and starting point for all employees when they set their individual performance objectives across the 5Cs. 

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