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Investor relations

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Investor relations

Investor Relations

The 2015 AGM will be held at 11:00 (GMT) on Thursday, 23 April at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

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Barclays PLC Annual Report 2014

Chief Executive's review of the year: A stronger, more balanced business

Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive

Barclays today is a stronger business, with better prospects, than at any time since the financial crisis.
Explore the Annual ReportExplore the Annual Report

Financial highlights: Significant progress in 2014

Tushar Morzaria, Barclays Group Finance Director

I am encouraged by the significant progress we have made in 2014. We've improved financial performance, we've strengthened our capital ratios and we've continued to drive down costs.
Sir David Walker, Barclays Chairman

Chairman's review of the year

Sir David Walker, Barclays Chairman

Barclays is 325 years old this year. By any standard of corporate longevity this is a remarkable achievement. The relentless focus of your Board and the Executive team has been, and will continue to be, on ensuring that the bank is primed for success for many more generations to come.
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Investing in Barclays

Results and reports

Our quarterly results announcements, annual reports and details of our AGM.

Events and presentations

Details of our latest and archived presentations, speeches, and seminars.

Annual Report

Latest and archived annual reports to view online or download.

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Mar3 2015

Barclays Full Year 2014 Results

Presentation and webcast hosted by Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive and Tushar Morzaria, Group Finance Director.

Latest event

MAR24 2015

Morgan Stanley European financials conference in London

Presentation by Antony Jenkins, Barclays Group Chief Executive.

Webcast replay
CEO speech (PDF - 0.1MB)
Presentation slides (PDF - 0.38MB)
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Corporate governance

A summary of our corporate governance framework supporting our Board’s aim of achieving long-term and sustainable value.

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Credit ratings

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