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Citizenship is a critical part of becoming the ‘Go-To’ bank for all our stakeholders.

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Citizenship at Barclays

Citizenship is one of the ways in which we live and embed our Purpose and Values; our strategy and commitments are organised around three pillars:

  • The way we do business
  • Contributing to growth
  • Supporting our communities

The way we do business

Ensure our decisions take account of stakeholder needs in the short and long term

Contributing to growth

Deliver product and service solutions to help more people and society progress in a sustainable way

Supporting our communities

Help five million disadvantaged young people develop the skills they need to fulfil their potential

Evolving the way we do business is crucial to Citizenship. That’s why we must always make responsible decisions that take our stakeholders’ needs into account in both the short and the long-term. Find out more

Sustainability risk in lending

Barclays has a governance structure to minimise environmental and social risk

Managing our environmental impact

We are fully committed to minimising our operational environmental impact when and wherever possible

Human rights

We support governments and civil society groups in respecting and upholding human rights

We support economic growth and job creation by delivering good value products and services that help individuals, businesses and society make sustainable progress. Find out more.


Making credit available contributes to job creation and economic growth

Increasing access to finance

We're working on innovative, appropriate and sustainable financial services

Social innovation

Innovation has long been critical to the success of our business - find out how

Our goal is to help change 5 Million Young Futures. This is Barclays' commitment to invest not only money, but employees’ time and expertise in community programmes that enhance the enterprise, employability and financial skills of disadvantaged young people aged 10 to 35 years, by 2015. Find our more.

Our commitment

Barclays is helping five million disadvantaged young people fulfil their potential

Our programmes

Since 2013, Barclays has invested £136.5m to benefit more than 2.43 million young people around the world

Employees in action

Barclays’ employees are an important part of how we will deliver our 5 Million Young Futures goal

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Our approach

2015 Citizenship Plan

The commitments in our 2015 Citizenship Plan are organised around three areas where we can have the greatest impact

Key facts and figures

We use a Balanced Scorecard to measure performance against targets

Reports and publications

We commission and contribute to a wealth of studies, including our annual Citizenship Report

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Citizenship news 

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